Day 3 – Warrnambool to Inverleigh

Another decent tail wind and 170kms passed with far greater ease than you’d expect! Today was incomparable to last year, where we crawled between rest-stops. Today we almost didn’t want to stop! A few more crazy drivers to contend with but the weather was perfect and a group of 10 was very comfortable.
Kudos to cousin Justin who brought his hybrid along and kept up with us from Camperdown to the finish! Huge effort, looking forward to having him join us tomorrow.
A shout-out to India-Gate in Warrnambool and 153 on Manifold in Camperdown, who both had our flyers out and were happy to see us!
Foxhow was as quiet as usual – our rest stop probably tripling the population. Elly had another couple of great rides.
Thanks to Monica and Ken for hosting us again! Great way to finish, along with Jane’s big spag bol pot. Looking forward to tomorrow!


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One response to “Day 3 – Warrnambool to Inverleigh

  1. Mary Els

    Congrats ! Great effort.

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