The international, emergency medical aid work conducted by Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, and the stance of the organisation to ‘speak out’ on issues that contribute to the problems it deals with, have always impressed members of the Greenham family.

Listening to a radio interview with a former MSF International President, Australian Rowan Gillies, convinced Michael Greenham of the need to assist the charity. Having no medical expertise to volunteer in the field, the family’s only option was to give funds and encourage others to do the same by raising public understanding of the group in some way.

In 2007 Michael Greenham and son Billy approached MSF Australia with a plan to conduct two bicycle rides: Mount Gambier to Melbourne (500km) and Rotterdam to Rome (2400km). Their quest was to raise awareness and hence encourage donations to MSF – Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Both authorised rides were great successes, and increased our passion for cycling and for MSF.

Since 2008 an annual Mount Gambier to Melbourne ride has been organised with full fundraising accreditation from Doctors Without Borders following its principled guidelines. The rest of the family has become involved in the rides and a steadily increasing number of cyclists are joining in – much to our delight!

Photos of each journey are posted in the blog and viewable within the annual summaries or the galleries page. The route passes through our hometown of Dartmoor, and is available on Google Maps on the home page.

We encourage you, whether joining our rides or not, to help support the amazing work MSF does. Please note, we do not and are not allowed to speak for/represent MSF, so use our link to their website…the magnitude of their tasks speaks for itself.

The Greenham family.

The 2007 team: Aunty Poodge, Maggie, Jordy, Billy, Elly and Michael


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