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Mt Gambier to Melbourne 2010 Edition

Again, the aim of our ride was to raise money for MSF through the bike ride from Mount Gambier to Melbourne. It followed on from our 2008 ride, and had full accreditation from Doctors Without Borders.
Billy couldn’t participate (he was away in London for the year), so it was mostly Michael riding alone, joined over a few days by Maggie, who put in a sterling effort in the saddle, and local competitive cyclist, the super-fit Steven Mutch.
On a very positive note, during our ‘rest stops’ at the bakeries – it is important to re-fuel – we had some people coming up and talking to us; our advertising through the local papers and on shopfronts appears to be reaching out to some!
The journey faced no seriously bad weather, although it was quite overcast coming into Melbourne.
The ride ended at the beautiful Town Hall; a journey well cycled.

Don’t forget, you can donate to MSF through their website, or if you have any questions of comments please post them!


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2010 Photos

Michael and Maggie and the beginning of the final day - look at the smiles!

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