The Mount Gambier to Melbourne 2012 Wrap-up

Another ‘Cycling Across Borders Ride for Médecins Sans Frontières’ completed!

Great weather conditions, pleasant company and accommodating traffic made the sore legs and derrieres more tolerable. Two riders had the time to join Michael in completing the full 450km distance, from Mount Gambier to Melbourne, over the longweekend, but a record 8 other cyclists joined in on various legs. Well done to Barb, Duncan, Peter, Shane, Kerrie, Maggie, Billy, Michael, Steven and Nigel.

Special mentions to:
– Shane for his cartwheel – with bike – into the grass near Yambuk,
– Peter for introducing us to the most inhospitable cafe owner in Camperdown,
– Duncan for testing his tastebuds on Indian and Turkish food for the first time, and
– Maggie and Billy who let others repair their roadside punctures in Footscray[slackos!]

Thanks to those who have donated to assist the immense tasks of MSF around the world, and to those yet to…via our Everyday Hero link or phoning toll-free to MSF Australia.

The participating cyclists would like to thank the Bull and Hose families for accommodating us en route, and Elly for back-up work and driving extraordinaire.

Same place, same time… next year it is then! Check out the photos from Days 1-3 below, and Day 4 here.


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